Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Importance of Good Website Design

Website design consists of various factors and all the improvements that are needed by the business. This is necessary so that there is a better flow of traffic. In addition, it is important that the content including the audio, the text, the image, the links, the video, are well optimized. This will make your visitors you feel comfortable while browsing your website and will visit more often. Following are some of the recommended areas to pay attention to.

Your website should load as fast as you can otherwise your visitors will move on to the next site. This section is of vital importance for search engine optimization. There is compelling evidence that 40% of internet users leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Loading speed can be accomplished by ensuring that your images are optimized and that you do not use a lot of images. It is also important to get a hosting service that include site accelerators and cache systems.

Many developers make the mistake of loading the page with many menus, sub-menus, search boxes, tag clouds, social media buttons everywhere. A good website designer concentrates in functionality and strong content. A good combination of optimized images along with strong content will attract more users.

The content of a website must be organized in a logical and simple manner. All pages and sections must be relevant, have a specific function and provide value. Ensure that the pages do not contain any broken links. All your links must have a destination that is relevant to your statement.

Choose that are in line with your presentation and your products. Select color combinations that offer good contrast so that each statement is easy to distinguish and read. Do not use many colors. Choose clear backgrounds and dark letters, avoiding black backgrounds or with very strong colors.

When creating your content use fonts with an appropriate size keeping in mind your target audience. Keep in mind that using innovative fonts might end up being replaced by a browser’s default font if it is not available. Your font of choice should match your intended brand. Be consistent in the use of the same typography for the entire website.

Images and animations
The use of animated images, sliders, and video clips might not provide positive results. Visitors will hardly spend any time viewing your slides, or video clips. They are more interested in your website content that in your pretty pictures. Always use professional images on your website. The use of simple but professional images will greatly improve your content and the quality to your website.

Be consistent in the design of a website. Ensure the proper flow of your content from one page to the next. Improper flow from one page to another give a negative impression. The same fonts, colors, and typography should flow through your website.

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